First NSA of Bahai’s of Swaziland,Lesotho and Mozambique

The Bahá’í Faith was first established in Swaziland in the 1950s. Since that time, increasing numbers of people throughout the country have been finding inspiration and guidance in the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh. Here, members of the Bahá’í community are working together with their neighbors and friends to promote and contribute to the well-being and progress of society. In urban centres and rural villages, in homes and schools, citizens of all backgrounds, classes and ages are participating in a dynamic pattern of life, taking part in activities which are, at once, spiritual, social and educational.


Knowledge is as wings to man’s life, and a ladder for his ascent. Its acquisition is incumbent upon everyone.

– Bahá’u’lláh

Many community building activities that address society’s needs in both their spiritual and material dimensions are underway in Swaziland. Among the principles that inspire them are the oneness of humanity, the need for universal education and the elimination of all forms of prejudice. In Swaziland, the Bahá’ís and their growing numbers of friends offer opportunities to study and reflect upon spiritual topics, arrange meetings for communal worship, and provide classes for children and youth, emphasizing moral education.


Students studying in the library of a Bahá’í School in Mbabane.

The man allegedly told his in-laws that they were free to have their daughter in-law and she could resume her new duties at her new marital home.

A source at the school known to Swazi News said the husband decided to take his wife to the boy’s parents and allegedly told them that the boy was now free to have time with his lover.

Parents of the boy were allegedly left baffled when the husband brought his wife and left her there.

The teacher, whose is known to this publication, is said to have been dating two boys at the school. One of the boys was doing A-levels and he left the school in May after the husband of the teacher allegedly approached another family of a former pupil at the school threatening to shoot the boy.


The mother of the A-level pupil tried in vain to convince her son to return to school so that he could complete his studies but the boy flatly refused alleging that the husband of his female teacher would kill him. After her efforts failed to convince the learner to return to school she then approached school management on the issue on how the issue could be resolved.

It later emerged that the teacher was dating two boys. One completed in 2011 while the other one was doing Form VI. The other one is at the school and is doing his Form V. Attempts by other teachers to get the truth from the boy proved futile as he flatly denied having an affair with the teacher.

Last weekend Swazi News reported that the teacher was currently under investigation for allegedly having a sexual relationship with her pupil in one of the schools in Mbabane. The husband is said to have seen SMSes and Facebook posts that he found in his wife’s cellphone.

“The husband took his wife to the boy’s parents who live in the outskirts of Mbabane. He took his wife with her belongings arguing that the boy was free to have time with his lover. This was after a heavy beating of the wife by the husband.

“The wife has been on sick leave since May during the opening of the second term. This was when the issue resurfaced at the school. This was after the husband allegedly punched her all over the body.

“It was claimed that her going to school at the time was going to embarrass her. We heard that she is currently processing a transfer to another school because she fears that her colleagues will laugh at her for what happened to her,” said another teacher at the school.

While at the school the teacher allegedly hit one girl with a stone after discovering that she was dating one of boys.

The teacher is said to have returned to her husband because some teachers at the school saw them together in Manzini.


The office of the school’s manager then advised that an investigation cannot start at ministry level and advised regional structures to instigate their own investigations. Investigations by the regional bodies were completed on Tuesday and the findings are still to be tabled before the office of the school’s manager.

Teachers at the school spoke on condition of anonymity said the teacher was currently on sick leave and she may be returning to her workstation in November.

Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Education Pat Muir said it was still early for his office to make comments on the issue. He said investigations have not yet been concluded and he would not like to comment.

“Our investigations are progressing well. We cannot disclose our findings pending the finalisation of the matter. Once we have concluded our investigations we will give you the outcome of the issue,” said Muir.

Bahai School’s Manager Ndumiso Malindzisa was not available for comment. Several calls were made on his phone and it rang unattended on Thursday. Yesterday four attempts were made and the phone rang unanswered.

Courtesy: http://bahai-scandals.blogspot.com/2012/11/scandal-in-bahai-high-school-mbabane.html?view=timeslide


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