Bahá’ís continue to deceive innocent ones world-wide.Their preaching and conversion continues in all the corners of the world and they are quit successful.Here is the details of New day school in Karachi,Pakistan.

New Day School,Karachi-Pakistan

History of New Day School,Karachi:

The New Day School is a Bahá’í School which started in Karachi with three Bahá’í children in 1978. This school was started by Mr and Mrs. Bakhtiari (both Bahá’ís) who came to Pakistan area for propogation of Bahai Faith. Later on, primary and secondary levels were added. Now the school has more than than 40 staff members and over 700 students. The school has been registered with the Registrar in January 1987 as the ISFANDIARY BAKHTAIRI MEMORIAL EDUCATION SOCIETY.

In the year 1989, the School was registered and recognized by the Directorate of School Education Karachi under Registration No.DES/RD/R35 and recognized under by the Board of Education under recognition letter No. BSA/RECOG/3704/97.

In August 2011 NewDay School has been registered as Non-Profit Organization.

The practice of starting schools by Bahá’ís is not new to Pakistan. A school is a perfect place to catch converts young and to imbibe the Bahá’í beliefs in the minds of impressionable children. Parents send their children to such schools with the truth that they will be taught things which will help them, not their their children will be converted to an alien religion. Bahá’ís through their schools are breaching this truth of the parents by openly teaching the Bahá’í Faith to children under their care.

The New Day School has  incorporated Bahá’í and Bahá’í-inspired material into its curriculum and made it mandatory upon teachers and students to complete the courses.

Betrayal of New Day School:

The New Day School was granted tax exemption by the Government of Pakistan on the following conditions:

  1. No person of foreign origin shall be appointed to any post in  or admitted as a student to the institution without prior approval of the government.
  2. The institution should not teach or cause to be taught any subject or matter which is repugnant to the generally accepted  socially , moral ideological  norms of the society and religious values of islam.

The School has violated all these points.

Inspite of the clear directives from the Government, the School administration which is being handled by the Bahá’í organization has appointed an Iranian national, Mr. Farsheed Rohani as adminstating officer. He works as a Principal Cum Adminstrator cum Manager of the school.

He is in contact with their head office in Israel for guidance and how to teach Bahá’í Faith to the children and the school teaching and non teaching staff in the most deceptive manner. He has made mandatory for all the school children the teaching staff and the non teaching staff to complete the RUHI BOOK COURSE which is nothing but BAHAI FAITH CURICULUM to propgate Bahá’í ideology without raising any doubt.

Activities of New Day School:

It is the confession from one of the school teachers.Identity has been kept confidential.

“We, a group of teachers who have undergone the training on Ruhi books have realized that it is nothing but propagation of Bahá’í ideology , a slow poison.

The Bahá’í teachers openly insult the Prophet of Islam (pbuh) and say that he was not the last prophet nor Quran is the last revealed Book. In the classes we are forced to memorise Bahá’í prayers and these are being taught to the children that it is more spiritual and beneficial than memorising verses of Quran.

During summer vacations, the teachers and the office department are called to do a special course called as Ruhi course. Those members of staff who do not show any interest in attending Bahá’í courses are harassed such that they leave the school.

Even the students are expected to do these Ruhi books as a compulsory course. Ruhi Books are very hidden and secret way of propagation of Bahá’í Faith. We have also realized that the day by day activities report of our school are being sent to some foreign countries.

We are highlighting these activities without giving our name simply for fear of losing our jobs. The market is down and it will be difficult to find an alternative job. But we hope that through this blog, our voice will be heard and people of Pakistan will take steps to stop this fraud in the name of religion.”

An Appeal for Justice and Fairplay:

God has blessed humans with several faculties the most important of which is intellect. This intellect makes a person do the right thing and stay away from injustice and evil. I would like to appeal to the God-given intellect of the readers and support the cause of righteousness at New Day School. Read on till the very end…

Over the past couple of months, a drama was played out at New Day School. Under the false charges of sexual harassment, A respected teacher and administrator who has served  the school with utmost sincerity has been asked to resign from the services of the school. The reason being he was not at all satisfied with Mr. Farsheed Rohani’s agenda of preaching Bahá’í Faith to Muslim teachers and the innocent children.

Let me give you all a complete picture. A plan by the Bahá’ís were hatched to get rid of the said teachers. It is said but not confirmed that some teachers complained about him to the school board giving the excuse that they were being sexually harassed. Yes, this is a serious charge upon any self-respecting individual (also this is one of the easiest way to defame a man. Hence men are wary about working with women). Ordinarily any serious charge should be investigated thoroughly. A inquiry committee should be set up and both sides of the story should be heard. And then a final judgment should be taken. And if proven guilty, the most strict action should be taken.

Did all of this happen in New Day School? Absolutely not. There was no inquiry, no committee, no proof. Nothing.

With complete disregard for the age and esteemed services to the school, and despite his denial of all charges and to top it all, despite the lack of any proof in this regard, the Board of Trustees threatened the teacher to resign or he will be terminated. The respected teacher unaware about the treachery of Bahá’ís and Bahá’í administration was Left with no option, but has to resigned. The Board has accepted his resignation and an announcement was made to the teachers. This was publicly done so that a message can go to other teachers that any dissatisfaction or disapproval of Bahá’í propagation to the tiny tots will be met with same manner. Humiliation, Insult and degradation of respect of a teacher.

Read on to know why…

This is blatant injustice! It seems that there is something more to this than meets the eye!  Is there something the school is trying to hide from us? Is there something that the teacher was knowing / saying because of which he has been conveniently taken out of the way. Or was the teacher a thorn in the path of the Bahá’í trustees of the school?

Let me give you some perspective. Over the past couple of months, the teacher has been raising his voice against some of the activities in the school. This would have been unacceptable to the school authorities and they have taken the path of simply taking him out of the picture and throwing him aside as any person takes out a fly which has fallen into tea. No respect was given to his long standing, distinguished services to the school. This utter lack of respect shows that the school authorities had a hidden agenda in removing him and the entire episode which played out was only a drama to fool the public.

Here is the reality.

Very few outsiders would know that:

  • Teachers in New Day School are forced to teach Bahá’í prayers to children
  • In the name of moral classes, the Ruhi course, which is the flagship Bahá’í propaganda material, is being taught to small children. They are being injected with Bahá’í poison from a young age so that they may develop love of Bahá’í Faith in their hearts
  • The objective of the school – to promote Bahá’í Faith is being done openly in New Day School
  • Teachers like the said one, whose conscience is still awake, and those who protest this “forced” religiousness are being shunned and pressure is being put on them to either fall in line with the school objectives or leave. Their jobs and their respect is in danger

Very clearly, the teacher has paid the price for rightly raising his voice against what he believes is wrong happenings in the school. Perhaps, he too would not have expected that the school authorities will fall to such a low level and resort to cheap tactics to eliminate him from the service of the school.

As someone who is closely associated with the incident, and who knows the reality, I would like to say that this episode should serve as a warning to everyone who is associated with New Day School and Bahá’ís.

  • Bahá’ís come across as very calm and friendly people. But whenever their objective is not being met, they can be worst enemies also. Therefore one should be very careful in dealing with them. They are those whose neither friendship nor enmity is good for any person.
  • Parents of children studying in New Day School should know that Baha’i teachings are a slow poison. Children are being taught that there is a new religion, a new book and a new messenger after Holy Prophet of Islam (pbuh). Quran is being lowered in value by saying that it is an incomplete book (God forbid!).


Bahá’í Fraud – Some More Proof:

  • The Government of Uzbekistan deported a number of Bahá’ís from the neighboring countries as they were secretly involved in propagation of Baha’i Faith. About 15 Bahá’ís were arrested by the religious ministry on information provided by local Mahalla committee that a full scale deceptive conversion was on its way in Tashkent Bahá’í centre. A similar incident was reported by government authorities in Samarkand in December 2008.
  • There are many more incidents which are sufficient to prove that the intentions of the Bahá’ís is not to teach the children, but to teach the Bahá’í Faith to children. The school is only an excuse to meet their objective.



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