There is a famous quote “School is a Temple,teacher is a God”.Well Bahá’ís mean it. Bahá’í institutes at many places are found teaching and propagating Bahá’í Faith in the name of moral classes.They have been successful in converting many from other religions to Bahá’í faith.

Rabbani Bahá’í School,Gwalior,Madhya Pradesh-India

This is the incidence of one of the schools in Indian Territory named Rabbani School started by Bahá’í leaders of Iran ,located in Gwalior of Madhya Pradesh where conversion activites were carried out in the name of moral classes.Staff were forced to accept the Bahá’í Faith.Here are the details:

Primary teacher were forced to attend training course at NETTC for a year at panchgani and pay for their expense on their own. The course at NETTC was nothing but.’ How to implement Bahá’í programmes and make people Bahá’ís’. Many teachers like Mrs. Meera Rai, Mrs. Premlata Mishra, Mrs. Laxmi Chaurasia, Mrs. Sridevi Mohan Mrs. Rekha Dixit were then harassed because they refused to attend the programme at panchgani.

There are number of court cases against this institute: There are 27 cases against Rabbani Board by the staff members as the long time staff of the Rabbani were terminated giving pity reasons of Theft and not upto the mark in their allotted work. This termination would result in swallowing away the hard earned benefits like gratuity, PF etc of these workers. The main reason for their termination was that these Staff refuses to accept Bahá’í Dharm and become Bahá’ís.

To mention a few:

Mr. Sarvansh Yadav was expelled from the school unjustly given the reason that he has committed theft. This lie was imposed on him so that his gratuity and other benefits can be held from him and the Rabbani Administration can use it for its own purpose for propagation of Bahá’í Faith in School and Villages around. The actual reason was his unjustified termination was his refusal to accept the Bahá’í Faith.

Two teachers, Mr. N. Gupta and Mr.R.K.Shukla, Who had been serving on contract basis for many years were promised that they will be accepted as permanent Teachers but they were denied.

Mr. Choteka was also terminated by the Rabbani administration on absolutely false allegation of theft.

Many teachers like Mr. Pachori, Miss Sabita, Mr. Burma were asked to vacate their staff quarters immediately without given sufficient time to find an alternative.


The Rabbani school Board members used to come to school interrogate the staff members as criminals asked them whether they have signed the Bahá’í card if not then he would become rude to them and ask the principal to sack that staff. They would not show a remotest concerned for humanity and behave as if he was the master rest all the staff are slaves. In this regard a particular Iranian member was involved who use to say that Indians ought to be treated this way. His way of treating created insecurity in staff members that they decided to approach the Trade Union and also approach court for the protection of their job.


“308.7 In the province of Madhya Pradesh, where there are hundreds of thousands of Baha’is, the Rabbani School in Gwalior is educating children from the villages of the area in the Teachings of the Faith, in academic subjects and in agriculture, so that when they return to their home villages, these pupils not only promote the Faith but will influence their growth and development in every way.

308.9 As you can see, all these developments relate directly to the teaching work in as much as the Bahá’í communities must reach a certain size before they can begin to implement many of them. How, for example, can a Baha’i community demonstrate effectively the abolition of prejudices which divide the inhabitants  of a country until it has a cross-section of those inhabitants within its ranks? A seed is the vital origin of a tree and of a tremendous importance for that reason, but it cannot produce fruit until it has grown into a tree and flowered and fruited. So a Bahá’í community of nine believers is a vital step, since it can bring into being for that locality the divine institution of the Local Spiritual Assembly, but it is still only a seed, and needs to grow in size and in the diversity of its members before it can produce really convincing fruit for its fellow citizens.

308.11 The teaching work is of primary importance for this reason: the most urgent need of human beings is to recognize the Manifestation of God and thereby to learn how to collaborate constructively. All over the world tremendous efforts are being made to improve the lot of mankind — or of parts of mankind, but most of these efforts are frustrated by the conflicts of aims, by corruption of the morals of those involved, by mistrust, or by fear. There is no lack of material resources in the world if they are properly used. The problem is the education of human beings in the ultimate and most important purpose of life and in how to weld the differences of opinion and outlook into a united constructive effort.”

Bahá’ís believe that God has revealed the purpose of life, has shown us how to attain it, has provided the ways in which we can work together and, beyond that, has given mankind the assurance both of continuing divine guidance and of divine assistance. As people learn and follow these teachings their efforts will produce durable results. In the absence of these teachings, a lifetime of effort only too often ends in disillusionment and the collapse of all that has been built.

The desperate, unethical, shameless and deceptive conversion mechanism adopted by Bahá’ís:

Conversion by Bahá’ís are sure short way of destroying the secular fabric of this great Nation. Of late the ways in which these Baha’i organizations are deceiving the people are getting dangerous. Bahá’ís nowadays are attempting to convert Hindus through combination of these different means. These conversion tactics are being carried out in Bahá’í run schools and the non Bahá’í teachers are supposed to learn these techniques called as RUHI CURRICULUM otherwise their services will be terminated. Once the teachers learn these techniques from NETTC (New Era Teachers Training Institute) at Panchgani they are supposed to carry these conversion techniques with the students and parents. There is no escape neither for the children nor the parents and neither for teachers.

The Parents send their children to these schools to learn better English which itself is a misconception, these schools only implant alien or Bahá’í thoughts in the minds of naïve children. What these parents don’t realize is that their children will lose their family values and Patriotism and above all their unique Hindu culture.

It is very surprising that the Human Resource and Education Ministry is not being careful of this gross injustice to the school children and still they are supporting these Bahá’í owned schools with their monetary support in the name of secularism.

Book-wise teaching details were given to teachers of the school,details of which are available on


Rabbani School,Gwalior,Madhya Pradesh-India

Located in Susera, near Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, the Rabbani School was established in 1977 by Bahá’ís. Its objective is to provide rural youth with academic and practical skills for development, combining the teaching of moral principles. It was almost a gift by Rajmata Vijaya Raje Scindia to promote education in Gwalior, but actually this Bahá’í school was involved in conversion of Hindus working in School, students of the schools and nearby villagers.

The campus is located on a 72-acre farm where more than 200 male students help grow some of their own food and practice other agricultural skills. There were 381 students including 135 boarders and 40 girls.

In March 2016 the Bahá’í apex organization under whose control Rabbani school was running announced its closure. The reason was the teaching and non teaching staff of the college made a written complain to the Home Minister of MP who forwarded the complain to the police that the Principal of the college is pressuring us to accept Bahá’í Faith, become Bahá’ís or resign from the school.

Centre of Trade Union Citu also wrote a written complain to the police that the Principal of Rabbani School is asking the workers to become Bahá’ís or their services will be terminated. The Union asked the police to intervene immediately as it is very sensitive matter.

The Police inspector visited the school and found the complaint is correct he reprimanded the principal of the school and said strict action will be initiated if the school does not stop these conversion techniques.

On survey of the surrounding villages, the Villagers too said that the students and staff of the school frequently visit the villages and teach us the principles of Bahá’í religion. They say the Hindu Religion has become outdated and obsolete and not useful in this advance age. Bahaullah is the manifestation of this age.

As the Baha’i Administration situated at Delhi understood that they cannot fool the locals for much time and the Rabbani staff has fully understood the evil aims. They announced the closure of Rabbani their decision was published in two daily DAINIK BHASKAR and NAI DUNIYA dated 31-3-2016. The decision was conveyed to the District Education Officer Gwalior Madhya Pradesh. The reason cited for closure was recurring financial losses and decreasing strength of the students.



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